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Newark Delaware VW Audi  Repair Services 

Scheduled Maintenence
Performance  Modifications
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 Trentec Automotive in Newark Delaware offers Timing belt replacement, brakes, oil changes: if there’s a maintenance service that you need for your VW/Audi, we can do it . Have you received a quote from another shop? Give us a call and we’ll do the best we can to meet or beat that price, while still using quality OEM or OE equal parts. We are the premier Vw/ Audi Service in Newark, Delaware. 

Volkswagen Cooling system servicing, VW Suspension servicing, VW Ignition and electrical servicing, VW AC servicing, Volkswagen  Audi 20k, 40k, 60k, 80k, and 100k services, VW Drive belt replacement, Volkswagen,  Audi Timing belt and water pump replacement, Timing chain replacement, VW Manual, automatic, and DSG transmission servicing, Clutch/flywheel installation .  We are German Automotive Diesel Specialist located in Newark Delaware. 

Volkswagen audi repair in Newark Delaware


Trentec Automotive is Newark Delawares  trusted source for ECU tuning in Newark Delaware,  We Feature Malone Tuning,  We perform Suspension installation and modification, Exhaust installation and fabrication, Newark Delaware Intercooler installation and fabrication, Delaware Turbocharger installation, Supercharger installation, Engine / Transmission swaps, Lighting installation and modification 

**Some products sold are for off-road use only and may never be used on a public highway or emissions controlled vehicle. 

Please check your local laws regarding the installation of these products. 

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Malone Tuning 

The very essence of tuning is that we at Trentec Automotive are trying to improve on the calibration that the factory engineers already spent months creating. It is very common for the cheaper remap to produce good power gains on the dyno but all too often it is at the cost of efficiency of the engine.

We are an authorized Malone Tuning dealer and we have tuned hundreds of Gas and Diesel cars and trucks from Volkswagen to BMW to Mercedes Sprinter vans.  Tuning goes well with other modifications as well such as DPF Deletes, Performance Downpipes and Exhaust systems,  Bigger turbos and Cold Air intakes, Meth Injection and more. Contact us and we will get your car tuned up to increase power, economy and increase your driving pleasure.

Sprinter Vans
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If you own Sprinter Van  in Newark Delaware Then your Mercedes or Dodge Sprinter van will benefit greatly from a tune for rev limiting and RPM limiting by Malone Tuning. Not only will you boost the vans fuel economy, thus saving fuel but another by-product is that the vehicles wear and tear will be reduced, forcing a reduction in maintenance costs – savings gained all around! Trentec Automotive is Newark Delaware trusted source for Sprinter Van Tuning We also offer this service through Mail order.  Trentec Automotive is Newark Delaware Malone Tuning authorized dealer.  We can also instal DPF Deletes from Buzzken Exhaust as well as Rawtek Performance. 

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